The music of Ralph Williams-Morgan  
Susan Clark in Concert  
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AT THE WMPC '98      
Here you can listen to music played by Susan Clark 
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Susan Clark in concert
Susan Clark in Concert  
The music of Ralph 
Williams-Morgan and other composers played 
by Susan Clark in concert 
at the Williams-Morgan Piano Competition  
CD EP: CD0611062EP1 
Tracks (33.46)  
Wistful Symphony Opus 801003WS 
Composed & arranged by Ralph Williams-Morgan  
  1. 1st movement Looking Back (8.24) 
  2. 2nd movement Memories (4.15) 
  3. 3rd movement Tomorrow (6.02) 
  4. 4th movement Each Moment is Now (3.37) 
  5. Tango  (3.39) 
    Composer: Albéniz. Opus 165/2 Arr: Godowsky 
  6. Waltz (7.31) 
    Composer: Delibes.  Arr: Dohnányi
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